Tips for Picking a Christmas artificial Tree

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When the holidays are coming up, one of the biggest things you will need to decide on is your Christmas tree. You will need to look into things such as; do you want a real tree or an artificial one? Do you want it to be tall, skinny, short or pre-lit? Let’s go over some of these decisions together. 

Know Your Space

It’s important to first pick the place where you want your Christmas tree to go. Then you can measure the width and height and pick the perfect sized tree. Do you like the look of a smaller tree that will keep your room looking large? Or would you prefer a wider tree that reaches closer to the ceiling? 

Artificial Trees

If you’re choosing an artificial tree, there is a wide selection to choose from. The good thing is, you could probably make this decision online as you won’t really need to test them for freshness and overall health. Look for the size and color you want, and figure out if you’d like something that comes with lights, or if you’d like to put your own on. 

Real Christmas Trees

If you’re choosing a real tree, some of the most popular types are pines and firs. Spruce will have a sharper needle so it doesn’t come highly recommended if you have children or pets.  If you’re choosing a real tree, make sure you look at the trunk of the tree. You’re looking for it to be a little sticky. You’ll also want to check the needles to make sure they bend and not break. 

You can also shake the tree a little bit to see if the needles are falling off. If lots of needles come off, then your tree might not be the freshest one of the bunch. 

Once you get your tree home, make sure that you water it daily. You might need to add extra water in the first two days as your tree might be more thirsty.

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