flocked Christmas trees and the birth of Jesus

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What is the link between Jesus and flocked Christmas trees, and when was the link made

In many countries around the world, Christmas day, December 25th, marks the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. According to history, the holiday has been observed since 800 A.D.

The middle ages came with the advent of the 12 days of Christmas and the origin of public festivals that saw people incorporate ivy, holy, and gift-giving as part of the rituals of Christmas.

Even though we can trace the celebration of Christmas in history up to 800 A.D.

Christmas trees began to gain popularity as an important symbol of the holiday in the 12th century, when people in Europe were known to hang Fir upside down in celebration of Christmas. 

Since Christmas tree is an important part of the season, families do all that is within their power to acquire one every Christmas holiday.

To ease the burden of having to go to the woods year after year in the dead of winter, people have resorted to buying artificial trees that can last them many years.

Artificial Christmas trees have gained popularity as families can erect up to a 10-foot tree in their living room.

Some of these trees are even manufactured to smell like the real thing.

Another added advantage is the option of different color, shapes and sizes artificial trees come in.

You can buy white, pink, green, flocked Christmas trees ranging in size from 12 inches up to 40 feet, and they come pre-wired with an assortment of different types of lights to brighten your holidays.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy thanksgiving, Merry Chrismas and a warm and enjoyable holiday season with your family.

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