Condensation: The #1 Enemy of Glass Ornaments

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When people see glass ornaments, they often see something that is simply beautiful. They imagine these hanging on their tree surrounded by twinkling lights, and being something that they can use year after year. These are very real to what a person can have when they use glass ornaments on their tree. However, those who have never dealt with glass ornaments are often surprised at just how these are ruined. The number one way in which these glass ornaments become damaged is through condensation. 

How It Happens

Condensation occurs when there is a lot of humidity in the air. Many people don’t think nothing of the humidity that is in their own home. As long as they are comfortable, they dismiss this. However, ornaments are highly susceptible to humid areas and this can cause condensation to build up. While it may happen a few times and never hurt the ornament, there have been too many times in which a person finds their ornaments damaged or ruined when they open the packed boxes.

The Results of Condensation

When condensation does attack ornaments, there are several things that can happen. The person may notice that a clear glass ornament has condensation on the inside of it. Instead of being crystal clear now, it has a film that even when it dries out stays in place. Other times, the paint of glass ornaments starts to peel and crack, eventually resulting in the beauty of the ornament being gone. And in cases in which the condensation is a lot, there are times in which the packing paper around these ornaments sticks to the ornament and peels the paint immediately after unwrapping. 

How to Prevent Condensation

There are several ways in which you can protect your ornaments from condensation:

  1. Ensure that these are in a climate controlled room in your home when they are not being used. 
  2. Run a dehumidifier near the boxes of glass ornaments for an added precaution to protect your ornaments.
  3. Place silica gel packs into the boxes of these glass ornaments as this is meant to absorb extra condensation and keep everything fresh. 
  4. Consider wrapping these ornaments with a cloth instead of paper to avoid the paper pulling off the paint if condensation does occur.

Glass ornaments are beautiful to look at and they can make a huge showing in your Christmas decor. However, condensation is something that you need to be aware of, especially if you do not want to replace these ornaments every year. 

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