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Are you in the market for a new artificial tree to place in your home or business? One of the popular options that are on the market is the flocked artificial Christmas tree. A flocked tree has white on it to make the branches look as though they are snow-covered. There are those that have a dash of flocking to appear like a small amount of snow, while others are heaped with flocking to make them appear almost white from a distance. They are definitely gorgeous and will be a great addition to your holiday decor! 

Sizing a Flocked Artificial Tree

A flocked tree can come in a variety of sizes ranging in six feet in height to fifteen! The key to determining what you need is to know the height of your ceilings. Most residential homes will find that a seven or eight-foot tree is sufficient. However, don’t forget to account for the tree topper that you use! Too many times, people tend to forget that tree toppers can add another six inches to the top of their tree. So, before you buy, be sure to measure your ceilings.

Along with the height of the tree, there are those that are considered full, slim and pencil-shaped. The full flocked trees are what you would call a traditional tree. Whereas, a slim tree is much smaller in width and perfect for those homes that have limited space. A pencil tree is even smaller and is often used in foyers where the room is sparse, yet they want it to be inviting. 

Caring for a Flocked Artificial Tree

For those who decide on getting a flocked artificial tree, they are going to find that it will be beautiful. However, it does require some care. It is not uncommon for the flocking to sprinkle the ground around it where it sits. This is to be expected. However, the flocked is not going to completely come off. You will want to make sure that when this is in storage you are avoiding putting this into a damp location as the water will destroy the flocking. Otherwise, you need to use the same care as you would for a traditional artificial tree. 

Are you ready to add a flocked tree to your Christmas decorations? King of Christmas has tons of flocked artificial Christmas trees to choose from in all sizes for you to find the perfect one for your tastes!

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