Cleaning an Artificial Christmas Tree

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Despite the best of intentions and abiding by all the directions for storing a Christmas tree, there may be times in which your artificial Christmas tree needs to be cleaned. Can you clean this? And if so, just how do you do it? The good news is that you can clean an artificial Christmas tree with ease. In most cases, dust is the only thing that you really have to worry about when dealing with an artificial Christmas tree. 

Cleaning Dust off of an Artificial Christmas Tree

There are several options for getting the dust off a tree, and you can choose the one that is best for what you have on hand! The first method is to use a Swiffer duster or the store brand of these versions. They are super soft and will not damage the tree limbs at all. You simply want to wipe it over the branches and capture the dust that has compiled on these. 

The other option is to blow off the dust with a hairdryer or a battery-powered inflator. You do not want to use something that has a lot of power to it, as it could blow off the pine needles or the Flocked branches of the tree. 

You can also vacuum the tree in areas that are super thick with dust. However, be careful. You can easily destroy the needles on the tree when using a vacuum that is super strong. Most people find that a dust buster is the best option when trying to vacuum as these are not known for having super high suction power. 

Tips to Remember

For those who are needing to clean their trees, remember these tips to ensure that the tree stays in good shape:

  1. Don’t use water! Remember, water can be devastating to artificial Christmas trees. 
  2. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents. 
  3. Remember, dusting should be about the only type of cleaning that you really do to this artificial Christmas tree. 
  4. Don’t spray your tree with any anti-dust material, as this can affect the color, make the tree sticky or other problems. 

The good news is that if you store this properly, this artificial Christmas tree should not get too dusty when being stored. If you get something spilled onto the tree or something along these lines, be delicate in cleaning this. A baby wipe can be a great way to get this clean that is delicate enough to use on the surface of the tree.

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