A chocolate Christmas gift basket: A Merry Christmas to our chocolate lovers

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 You have some chocolate lovers you need to reward this Christmas? You don’t have to think too hard. A basket of chocolates would say ‘Merry Christmas’ a thousand times better than you could in words. How do you put together a basket of chocolates? It does not have to be boring; there are many ways around it. 

1. A huge box of chocolates 

      Of course! You are making a basket of chocolates, and a whole box should be sitting right in the center of that basket. If that person has particular preferences, note those preferences, and gift them accordingly. 

2. A chocolate cake

     Another item that should sit in beside your box is a chocolate cake. You could have your pick from different sizes and shapes. But the flavor has to be chocolate. It’s a chocolate Merry Christmas to your cherished one. 

3. Chocolate cookies

      It’s all about chocolates. Add some chocolate cookies to your basket. Some home-made chocolate cookies would be great if you can make them. Something to the crunch, and of course, a special appreciation with each crisis sounds good. 

4. Chocolate candy bars

        The idea is to have small chocolate candy bars scattered all over the inside of that basket. A few around the chocolate cake, some mixed up with the cookies. It’s the right mix. You will surely make this person smile with these combinations. Here, you can have your pick, don’t stick to a particular kind of candy bar, except if the person doesn’t take any other kind. 

5. The spice

      Since you already have varieties of chocolate products, it would be nice to spice up that gift basket with something entirely different. It could be a bottle of wine, some flowers, or a simple note. Just something little to add some spice to the gift basket, and your chocolate Christmas gift basket will be ready to be wrapped. 

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