How Much Decor is Too Much for an Artificial Christmas Tree?

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When decorating an artificial Christmas tree, you are going to find that it is easy to get carried away when it comes to the decor that you are using. However, is there really a thing as too much decor on a tree? Believe it or not, there are rules for decorating a tree that many professional decorators tell their clients and the world. Whether you want to follow these rules or not, is up to you. But, you may find that through following these decorator rules you end up with an artificial Christmas tree that is simply stunning and magazine-worthy!

  1. Use 100 lights per foot of the tree. For example, a six-foot tree will want to use six strings of 100 lights. While a ten-foot tree will want to use ten strings of 100 lights. The idea is that this will allow each section of your tree to glow with the holiday spirit. Note, be careful about connecting these strands as overloading the outlet can result in the lights becoming hot and damaging the tree, or in the worst-case scenario catching on fire. Follow the recommendations of the light manufacturer. 
  2. LED lights are often more intense than regular lights, so if you are using LED lights, you can lower the number rather than going with the traditional 100 lights per foot.
  3. With garland, you will want to use 9 foot of garland per foot based on the height of the tree. A six-foot tree will then end up using 54 feet of garland. You will find that you can drape this garland from the top of the tree, or you can use the more traditional method of integrating this garland into the tree branches and go around.
  4. Use 10 to 15 standard-sized ornaments per foot for trees that are under nine feet in height. For taller trees, you are going to want to up this to 20 to 25 standard ornaments per foot.
  5. Mix up the size of ornaments that you are using on the tree to make it more detailed. You will find that using an assortment is meant to give a more cohesive end result.

For those who are decorating their artificial Christmas tree, if they are wanting something that the pros are going to decorate, then they want to go by these rules as much as possible. However, consider that those pencil-thin trees on the market may require less in terms of ornaments, lights, and garland since they are not as round. Use your best judgment!

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