5 Tips for Decorating Numerous Prelit Christmas Trees

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For those with larger homes or for those who simply love Christmas, they often have more than one tree. They may have one main tree, but there may be smaller ones throughout their home. With this idea, they are bringing Christmas cheer into every room of their home. For those who will be decorating numerous prelit Christmas trees this year, we have a few tips that can help you to get this done so that it looks amazing. The good news is that since you are using prelit trees, you are not going to have to spend the extra time of stringing these lights on each tree…which can save you precious time!

  1. You don’t have to do this all in one day! Decorating a tree can be fun. But, if you are burned out, then it is best that you don’t do all these trees in one day. You will find that in doing so, some of these trees may look awful. Instead, divide up the number of days in which you are going to decorate these trees so that you always go at this with a fresh mind.
  2. Pick a different theme for each tree if you want to add some holiday cheer that is going to bring a surprise to everyone, as they never what the theme is going to be when they go from one room to the next. It can also be fun for you!
  3. Choose smaller trees for those rooms that may be a bit smaller, yet you still want to add some holiday cheer into these. There are prelit Christmas trees that can be set on a tabletop and are perfect for your kitchens or even smaller bedrooms.
  4. Make one tree your go-to tree for your main tree. Which tree would you choose to be the one that gifts are exchanged around? Once you know the answer to this, you are going to find that you may want to spend more time on decorating this one since it is going to be the one that you see in most pictures.
  5. Don’t limit yourself to your creativity! You are going to find that through not limited your creativity that you will be happier with the end results. Your home is sure to be full of Christmas cheer.

How will you spread out Christmas cheer in your home this year?

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