Why Faux is the Way to Go

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Real Christmas trees look lovely and temporarily fill the home with a magical pine smell. But are these two factors worth risking the lives of you, your family, and your pets? Let’s take a good gander at why artificial Christmas trees are much safer than real ones:


Real Christmas trees can bring pesticides (including herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides) and other toxic chemicals into your home. They are sprayed with this regularly throughout their growth cycle until they are sold to you. These chemicals are hazardous for your respiratory and circulatory systems. These are carcinogenic, and they are linked to a myriad of diseases such as cancer and congenital disabilities. These chemicals not only affect humans but your pets as well! No dangerous chemicals to worry about in artificial trees, so long as you chose one that is 100% PVC-free. PVC is a potentially hazardous chemical that is thought to be a hormone disrupter. You can check out IKEA for their excellent selection of PVC-free artificial trees. 

Protect Your Pet

Pine needles can also be a devastating threat to your furry friends. Because they are sharp and laden with tree oils, they can cause irritation and harm to your dog or cat’s intestines, or create a blockage. The needles can also get stuck between their paws, causing severe discomfort if the paw pads are punctured.

Tree water can be laden with toxic chemicals as well, and your pet may try to drink this. And although unlikely, small pets or children could possibly drown in the tree water.  With an artificial tree, your pet is much safer. Don’t let your Christmas season turn into a nightmare with a sick pet!

Also, if your pet loves to play in the tree (like mine does), they are in less danger with a lighter artificial tree than a heavier real one. If it topples, they are less likely to be trapped or harmed. 

Fire Hazard

Faux trees never “dry out” like real trees, so they present less of a fire hazard with lights. You’ll be able to leave your tree up longer without worrying about it quickly catching fire. Many artificial trees are flame resistant or retardant—remember, prevention is key!

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